By cube0x0 and egre55

Gigantic Hosting are a leading website hosting and SSL certificate provider. The company are concerned that any breach could result in downtime, the compromise of thousands of websites, and lead to millions of security certificates being revoked. Therefore, they have proactively engaged the services of a penetration testing firm to assess their security.

Hades is designed to put your skills in Active Directory enumeration & exploitation, lateral movement, and privilege escalation to the test within a small enterprise network.

The goal is to gain a foothold on the internal network, escalate privileges and ultimately compromise the domain while collecting several flags along the way.

Entry Point:

Note: This lab does not require any online brute force attacks against web or scanning beyond /24.

Chasm ✅
Guardian ✅
Messenger ✅
Resurrection ✅
Gateway ✅
Celestial ✅
Dominion ✅

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